‘The Garden’ by K.A. Austin

The Garden book cover named

They say a picture paints a thousand words, so when an artist feels led to put down her paintbrush and take up her pen instead; it must be for something really significant.

Kate Austin is a self-taught artist who I had the pleasure of meeting at an exhibition of her artwork in Jersey and she has become a friend. Taught and inspired to paint by the Holy Spirit, her new book, ‘The Garden’, has the same divine quality.

On the first page of ‘The Garden’ in a foreword Kate says,

‘This book was written to be read slowly.

Let each word paint its picture,

And any morsel of divinity be savoured.

Alternatively, read it twice!’

In a similar vein to the work of author John Bunyan whose well-known book ‘The Pilgrims Progress’ was published in 1678, Kate uses allegory to urge the Christian reader to desire a closer, more intimate relationship with God our Father. In her book, in the beautiful, well-kept garden, the narrator comes across weeds, broken pots and a sceptic tanks which Kate uses as a means of revealing a God’s eye view of His church today. And just as Christian is on a journey in Bunyan’s book, the narrator here weaves her wondrous way along an enticing path, where each nook and cranny reveals a nugget of wisdom from God.

It has only recently been published as an eBook on Amazon, but has already attracted a favourable review: ‘This author has a magical way of inviting the reader along on a wonderful journey. Enticed by beauty and nature, each chapter embraces a message from God. The story is packed full of deep and intricate meaning and deserves to be read and read again. I feel this book is a real treasure to keep – I will keep each message close to my heart.’

If you would like to download a copy of ‘The Garden’ by Kate Austin yourself, and be blessed as I was reading it, click the link: http://www.christart.co.uk/latestnews.htm

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