Extraordinary Ladies Spoke

HRH Muzvare Betty MakoniMy pic of crow at Lift Effects

We laughed, we cried and we danced with the amazing women at The Lift Effects’ Extraordinary Lady Speaks Conference at Fairfield Hall, Croydon (May 16th, 2015). What an honour and a privilege to be one of the sponsors of this uplifting and life-enhancing event.

There were so many fantastic speakers who had broken through boundaries, prejudice and pain to be overcomers of the highest order. From deserts of sorrow and suffering, so many had blossomed and flourished. Among them were those who had suffered sexual abuse, sickness, the death of parents, the death of siblings and starvation, but all are now successful in their arenas.

Several gave glory to God for their achievements; His hand is obviously upon them all.

My pic with Sandra Nelson My pic of Jillian Haslam

The Extraordinary Lady Speaks Conference has renewed my faith in people and myself.

Some of their encouraging statements (sorry if I haven’t quoted everyone):

‘If you believe it, you can achieve it.’ – Tola Onigbanjo (Wise Tola).

‘Be a master of your craft.’ – Tola.

‘Your difference is what makes the difference.’ – Dion Johnson an award-winning mentor.

‘Your imperfections are valuable to this world,’ – Dion.

‘When entrepreneurs put people first, success comes their way,’ – Jillian Haslam, author of ‘Indian. English.’

‘We think in secret and it comes to pass,’ Jillian.

‘It’s not what happens to us, it’s what you do about it.’ Jillian.

‘I am a self confessed agent of human love.’ – Pauline Long, entrepreneur and TV presenter.

‘Taking giant leaps pays off.’ – Pauline.

‘I was brought up loving humans and not objects.’ Pauline.

‘You need to say to yourself, “My talent is valid. I shall make it against all the odds”.’ – Pauline.

‘Silence is the best answer to a fool. Ignore them and carry on what you are doing.’ – Theodore Ibekwe.

‘Be humble and God will elevate you.’ Theodore.

‘Each and everyone of our voices needs to be heard. It sends a clear message…’ Maureen Worrell, author of award-winning book, ‘The Journey I and I’.

‘People who cause you trouble make you strong.’ – HRH Muzvare Betty Makoni, author of several books including her autobiography, ‘Never Again’.

‘Pain is now gain. Victims are now victorious. Determination takes you to destiny.’ – HRH Muzvare.

Thank you Sandra Nelson, founder of Lift Effects for organising this wonderful event that touched so many lives. I feel incredibly blessed.

My Mwikali's award My pic with Lift Effects sign

My pic with MwikaliMy pic of fruit

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