Use Your Talents!

I often wonder just how fruitful I am? Could I be doing more for the Lord? Do you find yourself asking the same questions?

Today, I read afresh the parable of the talents in Matthew 25. The servant with five talents doubled his talents, as did the servant with two talents, but the servant with one talent buried it and was punished for not investing it. The important thing to notice that all the servants had been given something, to varying degrees.

I used to worry so much about my own ability, comparing myself so much to others that I felt too scared to do anything. I don’t write as well as others, I don’t sing as sweetly as others and I can cook but not to gourmet standards, like some other people can. But God has shown me that you mustn’t compare yourself to others. You must just use the talents and abilities that He has given you, to give Him glory and He will bless your efforts and multiply them.


I might not write as well as others, but I can write a blog for Him that is read all over the world and if someone comes to know the Lord as their Saviour as a result, wouldn’t I have written well? I may not sing as sweetly as others, but if I can sing in the Worship Band at church and draw people into God’s presence, then won’t I have sung well? I may cook basic meals for my family, but if I cook a bit extra and share it with others who maybe can’t cook for themselves or are lonely, then isn’t that better than cooking fancy food and eating it all ourselves?

Don’t compare your own ability to that of others and don’t be afraid to use your talents. Whether you are good at sewing, painting, gardening or golf, pray and find a way to do it for God’s glory.

Be yourself, do your best in your own way and maybe one day you will hear the Lord say, ‘Well done my good and faithful servant, with whom I am well pleased.’

One thought on “Use Your Talents!

  1. Hi Sally, I just wonder if the news that I am about to give away my keyboard might have prompted you to write this again?
    This for me is a very hard subject and has been for many a year, but. That never stopped me from trying and most of all
    seeing the Lords hand in providing the “instruments” needed to carry out His work. Then others of the same calling like
    worship band leaders taking the time and trouble to ENCOURAGE, TRAIN, and LEAD in the direction of that intended.

    I have trusted, been overjoyed, and thankful to Jesus for that which I have done in His Name. I have also experienced
    others, for what ever reason, who have actually discouraged me and as a result my music gifts have declined over the years. My keyboard is not mine but the LORDS time for somebody else to use and ENCOURAGE others.

    Time has now come to lay down that gift(talent),again looking to Jesus for guidance and look for signs of any work He has
    for me. There will come a time when the Lord says “Well done my good and faithful servant(friend)” and maybe that is
    where I am NOW. unless of course anyone out there knows otherwise.

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