Visionary Christians Launch a New Ecommerce Website to Rival eBay

faith pic
Hundreds of people are rushing to sign up for Bradoo!, a new ecommerce website, being launched by a group of visionary Christians.

Bradoo! was founded by seven directors and 15 shareholders who formed Greater Light Corporation Limited. All of the directors are members of Christ Embassy church in London.

‘We are aiming for Bradoo! to become a household name within the ecommerce industry in all countries where we have a presence. We want to serve the common trader and transform them to becoming a global trader,’ said Faith Nwosu, CEO of Greater Light Corporation Limited.

‘In December 2008, nine people from our church were invited to a meeting which opened our eyes to the world of ecommerce. We were told that the world is changing and how we could take advantage of this change to develop something that will be relevant to the future.

‘None of us had previously had any experience of ecommerce except from buying products online, but we realised that the world is changing and wanted to develop something that will be relevant to the future. We carried out lots of research and finally have come up with a website to rival eBay. Bradoo!

‘Bradoo! will serve the whole world and give people new opportunities.’
The new online auction and shopping website operates in a similar way to eBay but is aiming to open up the ecommerce market for people to do business consumer to consumer in western and African countries.

‘We believe Bradoo! has an advantage over eBay because Bradoo! is a website that bridges the gap between Africa and the rest of the world. With Bradoo!, sellers in parts of Africa can list their products and buyers all over the world are able to purchase them and vice versa,’ said Faith.

The name Bradoo! was derived from a desire to choose something that was catchy and easy to spell. The directors came up with the name by combining letters from the words ‘brag’ and ‘do.’

Faith explained: ‘We got this idea because we find that many people keep bragging/talking about what they will do, but end up not doing anything to move their desires forward. Bradoo! Gives them that opportunity to finally DO! what they have been saying they will do. We hope Bradoo! will encourage many people to start their own business selling online.’

Bradoo! has three different domains to help sellers maximise their reach depending on where they wish to operate: uses dollars, uses pounds sterling and uses Naira.

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