20130331 Cumbrian fells
I don’t know about you, but I feel that time is going by more quickly and I don’t seem to get as much done in a day, an hour or a minute. Many of my friends feel the same, both Christians and non-Christians.

At such times, I automatically start thinking of the signs of the Last Days that the Lord Jesus mentions in Matthew 24 and 25. Is it my imagination, or are there more wars, famines and natural disasters than there used to be? Are there more unusual religions and false prophets arising? Is it just me, or are some Christians becoming more worldly and lukewarm in their beliefs? Jesus warned about all of the above as part of the labour pains that would happen, before He comes back. Non-believers will argue that these signs are always there, but I would say, not with as much intensity as they are now.

Whether you believe these things are a sign of the End Times or not, Jesus warned believers to be ready for His return at all times. The Lord has pressed upon me the Parable of the 10 virgins mentioned in Matthew 25: 1-14 and the need to warn others to be ready and to give myself a shake. If you don’t know the parable it is about 10 virgins who go out to meet the bridegroom at night. All of them have oil lamps but only five have had the sense to take along a flask of extra oil for their lamps. While waiting, they all fall asleep and awake to find they need to use extra oil. The five without oil flasks ask the wise virgins to give them some oil, but they say they don’t have enough to share or else they will all run out of oil. They advise their friends to go back and get some more oil, but while the five foolish virgins are away buying oil, the bridegroom arrives and they are left behind while the five wise virgins go into the wedding feast with the bridegroom.
20130331 Cumbrian fells

2 thoughts on “ARE YOU A WISE VIRGIN?

  1. I also have the same concerns, but then tell myself to keep a clear head and not worry about these things, I am sure that
    every generation have thought the same. My parents went through two world wars, my life started with WW2 and there have been many localised wars but today what are we facing? However, there is the added element of population increase. How many more can this globe support? God must know this and has a final plan that is certain, all we must
    do is to keep alert and watch and wait for HIS SECOND COMMING……Keep the faith everyone.

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