Helping To Create A Better Future

CTEP's Founder

CTEP’s Founder 

A heartfelt desire to support the underprivileged and broken-hearted has led a South London woman to help more than 500 people find a better future.

Now Schola Nezianya is looking for mentors and business coaches to come on board to help the Community Training and Employment Project (CTEP).

Seventy-five per cent of those who have attended (CTEP) since it was launched by Schola in 2010 have found permanent jobs or have gone into further education to improve on their skills.

She also supports people enduring mental health illness and challenging behaviour with her Care Quality Commission registered residential care home managed by her other business Crystal Management Services Limited.

‘I was managing an employment agency and often young people, especially teenage mothers, would come to my office to enquire about job opportunities,’ said Scholastica, a former BBC PA. ‘During the initial assessment process, l found out that the majority of these teenagers didn’t have much clue as to what direction they would like their lives to go, they just wanted the immediate or temporary solution of getting a job, believing that it would solve their personal problems, some had anger or family issues due to either bad choices, advice or peer influence.

‘Rather than offering them a job, l realised l was offering them counselling, information and guidance sessions. I wondered how best to engage this niche group to maximise their God given potentials, when the opportunity to run a project came through I decided to take the chance to establish a non-profit making organisation. It’s aim was to bridge the gap of career guidance, unemployment and personal fulfilment within the borough wide, since then we have worked with DWP, Jobcentre Plus and other partners to support young people and lone parents within the community.’

Schola and her team have been so successful running the CTEP that they have earned further opportunities with DWP.

‘Our proven track record meant we were commissioned to engage customers from offending background, long term unemployed, lone parents and families.’

CTEP runs workshop and seminars to mentor and empower women and young people to live a meaningful life and use their talent, be in the area of employment or business start up.

Schola and her team want to encourage the community to support CTEP ‘as often funding is a big challenge.’

Register now for the new year programme to receive mentoring and business coaching to turn a hobby into a profitable earning or career guidance, send an email to Schola with a brief description of your need to

CTEP has helped 500 people.

CTEP has helped 500 people.


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