Prayer for the Pope


Dear Lord God,

We thank you for the new Pope, Pope Francis I and we pray that you will bless him as the new leader of the world’s 1.2 billion Catholics. May he continue to see you Lord Jesus Christ as the centre of the Catholic Church and may he continue to see it as ‘spiritual not political,’ as he told journalists in one of his first interviews.

Fill him with your Holy Spirit and may he lead ‘not by might, nor by power but by your Spirit.’ May he fulfill your commandments by being Christ-like in every dimension. May he use the riches of the church to feed the poor spiritually and physically and prepare them for your return. Where there is disunity, may he bring unity. Where there is war and strife, use him to bring peace and healing. Where there is sin, may he bring repentance, forgiveness and purity.

May he be the man of God you created him to be and help him to prepare your bride for her bridegroom.

In your name we ask it,


3 thoughts on “Prayer for the Pope

  1. You know I’m not a Catholic, but I do respect the Pope, and I am touched by your prayer. Since blogging, I have learned a lot about stuff I had never known before. It’s been a revealing look at how little I know about things concerning Jesus Christ. Thank you for your prayer and I am in agreement with you. Amen

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