Be True To Yourself!

Everybody is somebody to someone. You are first someone’s darling baby, then their cute toddler, their cuddly boy or girl, their terrific teenager, their gorgeous girlfriend or bonny boyfriend, their winsome wife of hunky hubby. But who are you really?
Some of us are so caught up with ourselves that we think we are everything to everyone. You just have to watch some of those love-themselves celebrities on talk shows to check that one out. But it’s the little people, who convince themselves they are nobody that I care about. Your heart goes out to them as they cower in the corner or look down instead of meeting you eye to eye. I can’t resist offering a word of encouragement which is usually rewarded by a smile or a gleam of golden laughter. Too few are willing to do that. Too many are just READY to put others down. Too SET to stick the boot in the ear, heart and soul of others to make themselves feel GOod and better than others.

But the Lord said ‘do unto others as you would have done to you’ and ‘the first shall be last and the last shall be first’. Doesn’t that so go against what the world preaches? ‘Me first’, ‘I’m the best’, ‘Me, me me!’

Before I committed my life to Jesus I was so guilty of that. I belonged to a culture who sat in the pub telling jokes and everyone tried to out do each other. I got used to the games people played, in fact, (and ironically, I know this is boasting), I got rather good at it. I got louder than the rest, the most looks of approval and had the best banter. But despite all of that outward loudness and flashy showiness, I felt empty inside and doubted myself and my friends. The next morning I would be paranoid and depressed. ‘Did they really love me when they were sober?’ I would worry.

The Lord has taught me to control that desire to take centre stage all of the time and to encourage others to take the limelight. I no longer think I am, or desire to be, the ‘best, better than all the rest’. I am happy just to be me. Yes I will try my best, but if someone does better than me, I will congratulate them and no longer fret about it or worry. The Lord knows my heart, it is plain to see. My head may be in the clouds and it is heavenly.

Take a look in the mirror, and in His word at the same time, and God will help you to be true to yourself, thinking of others, putting them first and before you know it you will love your neighbour and yourself!

2 thoughts on “Be True To Yourself!

  1. For the most part I would agree with you Sally, but we need leaders of all kinds. People with
    self confidence, OR people who will accept responsibility and serve their neighbours and expect no reward.
    The hard part of this for me is accepting who we are and where we fit into socierty, using
    the gifts given to us by God. Is it wrong for me to consider I can do a better job than the
    next person, equally is it wrong for me to disagree with you Sally when you say I am good
    at……eg.. MY ART WORK.
    I wonder what you will make of this. ?

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