Christian Vision and Voice

I feel pregnant with a vision from God and just like the creation of a new baby, this seed has lain dormant for a long season. Like Mary, I have pondered of it and even tried to forget about it, but time and time again the Lord has brought me back to the same place and every time the desire to bring this vision forth has grown stronger.

I’ve prayed about it, meditated on it and fought God over it but I now feel humbled and subdued; what will be though His Holy Spirit will be. Each time he has given me verses to endorse the vision like Joshua1:9, 1Chronicles 28:10 and 20 and now Habakkuk2:2.
I once asked my friend, Esther Baker, who is the author of “I once was a Buddhist Nun” what it was like to know when God wanted you to do something and she said it was like being pregnant. Well now I know what she means. I’ve been through the first trimester of feeling sick, scared and wondering what was happening, I’m in the second trimester of being happy and content with my condition, but all the time this seed is growing and sometime in the future, sometime quite soon this full grown baby is going to come out. Even if I wanted to stop it, I can’t because His ‘word will not come back void’ and who am I to even think of trying. I just thank God for the privilege of serving Him.

I only mention all of this because I need you dear friend to stand alongside me, to pray for me to honour God, to give Him all the glory and to submit to His mighty hand, however and whatever His will may be. Pray for guidance and for me to be prompt to obey because whatever He wants to do or say, a new born vision of God is on its way. Just wait and see!


7 thoughts on “Christian Vision and Voice

  1. I can’t get into my blog so am adding my new post here:

    Grace to Forgive

    It is so sad when a child dies, but when 20 children and six adults lives are cut short in a shooting attack it breaks your heart. The slaughter of innocents by a deranged gunman has rocked the world today, but what is a greater tragedy is the frequency that such awful atrocities like this are happening in our world.

    Some will blame gun laws and others lenient judges. Whatever you think or whomever you blame, we must question the reason and the cause. Yes people need licenses to buy guns in Britain, but there are no licenses required to buy the evil shooting games that are polluting the minds of the youth of today. How many parents are allowing their children to play violent computer games underage? How many people watch violent films and allow their teenagers to watch them. Can anyone else see this obvious connection?

    Perhaps the fact that more and more Western Societies are turning their backs on the great God Almighy is reflected by the increase in the number of meltdowns by murder enflamed madmen. Perhaps the fact that numerous towns in the US have been taking down their Ten Commandments is a sign of the moral decline that is plaguing this planet and should be considered by the politicians and lawmakers of every land.

    Remember ‘Thou shalt not kill’ is one of the Lord’s laws, but what does our society teach our young? Thousands of our kids today are mistakenly learning how to kill on computer games. Their hearts are being hardened and their taste for blood fed. It is not surprising some of them are led further astray! ‘Train a child up in the way he should go and when he is old he will not stray from it,’ Proverbs 22:6.

    Christians across the world, please join me in prayer and call out to the Lord God Almighty. Ask Him to comfort those who have lost loved ones in mass shootings and heal and comfort the survivors. Petition Him to have mercy and guide authorities to make decisions in line with His will. Request that He binds the evil powers that fuel such gun crimes that leave a vacuum of grief and pain.

  2. Interesting! but as a mear male I’m probably not that person. I just
    wonder who you might consider, maybe it is someone nearer to home. As for the verses I can’t make any sense out of them but
    then who am I ? Likewise watch and wait and all will be revealed.

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