I was in awe recently at how God provided for me, a friend and our children.

Last week was lovely and hot here, as I am sure it was where you live too. Well, I decided to take my three boys to Mersea Island beach with a friend who also has three boys. I don’t know if you are aware, but West Mersea is famous for its oysters, which we had forgotten about.

When we got on the beach, the sun was shining, but there was a lovely cooling breeze. In fact, the weather was just as I had prayed it would be, not too hot, but warm enough to be on the beach. All the boys quickly went into the water, but within minutes my middle son was yelling he had cut his foot and we had no first aid kit and only odd pairs of beach shoes for paddling. I told my friend, who is a non-practising Hindu, that I would go to the shop to see if It had any beach shoes, which it didn’t. On the way back to beach, I passed a couple sitting outside of their beach hut, and I felt the Lord prompt me to ask them for a plaster.
Well praise God, because not only did they have a plaster and an antiseptic wipe, but they also gave me three pairs of old beach shoes which had been their children’s, who were now adults and had flown the nest. We already had three pairs of beach shoes or sandals, so it meant all of the boys could go into the water and they had a lovely afternoon playing and swimming in the sea together. My friend was absolutely amazed when I came back with an armful of footwear. Isn’t God good!


  1. How’s that for Gods provision. I trust that your friend may become a
    beliver and enter” the waters” her self and take those early footsteps
    May sandles be forever a reminder of the day she encountered the
    provision of our Heavenly Farther.
    As a footnote; Has His same provision healed your sons foot, it surely will have done.

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