Beth Chatto’s Autumn Garden

The dazzling sunlight covers her in a sheen of warmth and happiness making her glow inside. She sat on the bench, catching her breath and a few precious moments stolen from her busy, family schedule. She had just done her third run of the day and half an hour to herself before picking up her eldest. A fly landed on her left breast, dotting her tee shirt with an ugly nipple, but she let it rest; why couldn’t they sunbathe together. No harm was being done. Her busy life and her Lord had taught her to let others live how they wanted, she would leave all judgements to Him.
Passing folk crunched along the gravel like crunching in snow, as the sun’s rays glossed the dying foliage in a wealth of colour. The chatter of birds was refreshing music, drowning out the drone of traffic in the distance.
“This is life, this is as good as it gets,” she thought. “Thank you Lord, that you give me rest. Thank you for my life and all you give me.”
The rustling leaves, like the the gentle patter of raindrops were counting out the sands of time. This sweet moment, a succulent fruit, on the long drawn out plane of a day.
“Each moment is special with you, Lord”.

2 thoughts on “Beth Chatto’s Autumn Garden

  1. Very thought provoking, there is an underling thought here unspoken. But then we all
    need time alone with our Lord. These times should tell us if we are making right or wrong
    decissions. Behind the” noises off” we should be able to define the voice of Jesus.
    A message of each person and no one else.

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