How lovely it is to see a man of faith and God’s hand upon him, because it was evident to the world, as Didier Drogba knelt and prayed for his team to win the European Cup Final who he was depending on. It was evident to the world that God performed a miracle through him when he scored the final and winning penalty. When asked why he thought Chelsea had won he said: “I believed.” One of the commentators even said the result seemed to be written in the stars.
How many times have footballers and fans prayed over the recent weeks? Only a couple of weeks earlier, Chelsea amazed everyone when they beat Barcelona with a man short. Again Drogba had prayed openly in public for that win. He came across as a man of faith who puts his money where his mouth is on “The Graham Norton Show”. Film was shown of him visiting one of the hospitals he funds in his homeland, the Ivory Coast.
A couple of weeks earlier, a stadium full of fans were brought to their knees and prayed when Bolton’s Fabrice Muamba collapsed on the pitch and died. Praise God that He heard them and the central midfielder made a miraculous recovery after being dead for 78 minutes and being given electric shocks 15 times to make his heart beat. The medics and the media are amazed at his dramatic recovery. Only God knows why Tottenham fan and Cardiologist Dr Andrew Deaner was at the match in March. He later told the Daily Mail, that when he watched Muamba fall to the ground, “Something sort of told me to go down,” and he admitted that “If you’re going to use the term miraculous, I guess it could be used here.” I pray that Muamba, a young man of faith, will continue to improve and one day play professional football again.
It’s wonderful to see that even though thousands of boys and young men swap church pews for soccer pitches each Sunday, God seems to be taking this land’s worship of football and using it for His glory. New seeds of faith are being sown in the hearts of scores of supporters. Praise the Lord that “With God all things are possible!”.

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