Free To Be

070220121416” When the Son of God sets you free, you are free indeed.”
I’m free. Free to be who you created me to be. Free to run, think and swim, to jump, cry and laugh. I’m trapped in carriage on a train to London Euston, but it’s my first class ticket to being me. No kids to interfere with my train of thought, no grubby hands to signal me for my attention and no droning to divert my thread of consciousness. I don’t claim to be Shakespeare, Tolstoy or Murdoch, just little old me, a child of the sixties, a teenager of the seventies, a woman of the eighties a mother of the nineties and forty in the noughties. Doing what I want in the oughties! No longer caring what others think, no longer on the brink of depression and paranoia.
You set me free Lord. You set me free to be all you created me to be. Isn’t it mind-blowing to realise, the more I try to be and get, the more I am bound; the more I submit to you, the freer I am. Halleluja for your Kingdom come way which is foolishness to the wise!

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