Christians Launch “Urban Life 2016” In A Bid To Combat Gun And Drug Crime

2 London Live

Two Christian women, who have overcome incredible personal difficulties, are working together to host a national event to empower and transform people’s lives.

Dr Ava Eagle Brown (pictured above right) and Sonia Poleon (pictured above left of the London Live presenter) want to inspire and invigorate the Black Community by inviting top international speakers to a full day Urban Life 2016 event on September 24th at 197-199 Kilburn High Rd, NW6 7HY (see booking details below).

“The aim is to have a new conversation with the Black community. A conversation of hope, letting them know if you get your mind right, you can achieve anything,” said Ava (pictured below). “We want to help many people make shifts in their lives to understand that regardless of what they are going through, they can push through the barriers and become successful.”

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Both mothers, Ava and Sonia have fought against the odds to become award-winning successes in their own right. Ava, who is now an honorary doctor, an Author, an International Speaker and a Transformation mindset coach, came from a poor family in Jamaica where she experienced incest and sexual abuse. At times, she had to skip school to work to provide food. Her book, “Mango Girl” is about to be made into a film.

Sonia is an International Best Selling Writer, Mentor, Consultant and Radio Personality. She was threatened to have her throat slashed with a knife while working as a housing officer.

Sonia (pictured below) said: “I believe that life and experience are our biggest teachers and that the challenges in our lives strengthen us, and true strength comes from overcoming life’s hardships without surrendering.1Sonia Poleon's picAva and Sonia want to empower others to maximise their truest potential, to combat negative, drug-fuelled, gun crime images portrayed of urban black youth today. A total of 185 teenagers have been fatally shot or stabbed in London alone between 2005 and 2015, (according to .)

The women have booked critically acclaimed author and world-renowned speaker, Eric Thomas as their main speaker for the full day event, Urban Life 2016.

The other speakers are: philanthropist, media mogul, Dr Pauline Long; multi-award winning serial entrepreneur, investor; Award winning International Speaker and mindset coach, Warren Inspire Ryan, Thought Transformation coach Kemi Oyesola, International speaker Darryl Jones author Mac Attram and Ava herself.

Ava said: “All of the speakers have overcome their background, colour and creed and have changed their mindsets to succeed. We want to show the Black community that there is another way, it is possible to change circumstances and mind sets.”

Eric Thomas said: “If you have a nostril, if you’ve got muscles, if you can breathe, if you have blood pumping around your body, if you are a woman, a man, boy of girl, if you are old, young or old, then you must be at Urban Life 2016.”

To find out more details about the Urban Life 2016 event or to book a seat, see: the event’s website.

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