Wivenhoe Pub Church Logo

A refurbished pub is to be the venue for a new church.

Wivenhoe Pub Church is launching at the Flag, Colchester Road, Wivenhoe on September 20th, 2015.

The founders of Pub Church, Dirk and Adele Paterson and Lucy Stevens share the desire of the Flag’s owner James Patrick to serve and care for the community of Wivenhoe.

For a long time they have wanted to bring a new expression of ‘church’ to those who may not want to go to traditional services, after holding fellowship meetings in their homes for the last few years. The Pub Church supports local churches and in return has the backing of many of them.

A Christian Worship night was held two months ago and proved to be a huge success, bringing together Christians from several different churches and denominations. It was this event that sparked the idea for a more regular church at the venue.

“The beauty of bringing church into a pub is that it breaks down social barriers,” says Lucy. “We are hoping that Pub Church will encourage people seeking spirituality to find out more about Christianity, to blow away the misconceptions about church but also that it will help take Christians out of their comfort zone and into a new way of reaching out to people just as they are and just where they’re at. We very much want people to be able to ‘come as you are’.”

Christians in the local community held a 24/7 prayer weekend for the people of Wivenhoe and the Pub Church at the end of August. (See the artwork produced below).

The Prayer Room

Wivenhoe Pub Church will take place every Sunday from 5.30-7pm from Sunday 20th September. The service will include music, informal bible discussion, prayer and children’s work. Pub Church want to extend a warm welcome to everyone whether they have a faith or not, whatever their denomination or experience of church. Come as you are!

More details will appear on the Wivenhoe Pub Church’s Facebook pagehttps://www.facebook.com/pages/Wivenhoe-Pub-Church/1482099622100757?fref=ts To make enquiries, please email wivenhoepubchurch@gmail.com

Heart by Sally Red heartTrinity picSome of the artworkSwirls


  1. This is GREAT NEWS and I for one will endeavour to be there on 20th. I have never understood why there are so many
    denominations. In these turbulent times we need to show we are ALL OF ONE HOPE, ONE FAITH, ONE LORD.
    Every BLESSINGS for you AT THE “FLAG”

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