Celebrities’ Advice For New Christians

A pic of cross taken by WRITE WAI

Thousands of people repent of their sins and commit their lives to Christ every day, but what happens next? Here is some advice from well-known Christians. (Compiled by Sally Anderson-Wai from her interviews with them.)

Martin Smith, formerly lead singer with Delirious?

“Really find out who you are and find out what God has made you to be and then stick with that. Get into reading the Bible and join a local church because that’s what carries you through.”

Colin Urquhart

Colin Urquhart is well-known across the world for his apostolic vision. He was involved in the Charismatic Renewal movement in the 1960s and 1970s and moved from being an Anglican vicar in Luton to a speaker traveling the world.Colin, who has written over 40 books, is the Principal of Kingdom Faith Training College, as well as reaching thousands of people daily through his radio show, Faith for Today, on UCB Inspiration.

“I would advice new Christians to become a man or woman of the Word of God and of the Spirit of God so they can see the Word and life of Jesus expressed in their lives that His life is reflected. They should aim to be living in loving obedience and faith.”

Tim Hughes, singer/songwriter and founder of Worship Central.

“Get involved in a Christian community, get a group of friends you can hang out with, spend time reading the Bible and learning who Jesus is and get involved in prayer and worship. Getting involved in a Christian community is vital because if you try to do it on your own then you’re never going to make it. If you find a good church then you will grow.”

Jerry Savelle, television minister and author.

“Get in the Word as quickly as you possibly can. Don’t waste another moment. From the moment that you receive Christ, get in the Word of God. If you don’t understand the King James version, there are so many versions out there in modern day English that will help you understand. But get in the Word of God. Get in a good faith church. A church that preaches and teaches how to live by faith and how to live in victory. And make sure you surround yourself with people that have like precious faith. Make a deep commitment that you are going to serve the Lord all the days of your life.”

Stuart Pendred, actor and singer.

“Enjoy the first flushes of the love of God. Allow yourself to walk steadily before trying to run. Don’t allow yourself to be swept away by someone telling you what you should and shouldn’t do. Try to find a spiritual grandparent in the faith who can help you. Let your relationship with God mature into a steady relationship where there’s stability and respect for one another.”

Rachel Lamb of Daystar

“I think one of the hardest things that new Christians face is leaving some of their old habits behind. The Bible is very clear on how we should live our lives, but that doesn’t mean it’s always so easy. My biggest advice to new Christians would be to not be so hard on themselves, if they make a mistake. I don’t think we fail when we fall, but when we don’t get back up. Like with any new relationship, sometimes it takes awhile to get into the swing of things. When it comes down to it though, God is always going to be looking at the motivation of your heart!”

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