I Was Healed By God

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I am witness to the miracle-working power of the risen Lord Jesus because I have been healed. When I was pregnant with my eldest son, I was working as a Health Correspondent on The Derby Evening Telegraph. During the last trimester of my pregnancy, I was about to sit down on a chair when someone absent-mindedly moved it and I ended up falling from standing position to the ground, backwards.


I didn’t think much of it at the time, but later I started to get a sharp pain in my coccyx (the tiny bone at the end of your spine). After my son was born, the pain got worse. It wasn’t constant, but was particularly painful when I was driving or sitting on the sofa. It got so bad that I went to see my GP who examined me. When she put her finger on my coccyx, a sharp shooting sensation stunned me. The pain nearly sent me through the roof. My doctor told me I had fractured my coccyx and there were three things I could do: ignore it, take painkillers or have it surgically dealt with. I opted for the second choice, painkillers.


A couple of weeks later as I was getting in my car to drive to church, the Potter’s House Christian Centre in Walthamstow, London, the pain came on. That evening the Pastor preached about the healing miracles Jesus performed. He said that God can heal people today, through the power of the Holy Spirit and in the name of Jesus. At the end of his sermon he called anyone who was in pain to the altar. I was in such pain that I could hardly bow my head to pray. A little voice said to me, ‘why don’t you go forward for prayer, you have nothing to lose.’ I found myself standing and walking towards the front along with about 15 other people.


The Pastor told us to put our hands on where the pain was and then he prayed for everyone. At the same time, the whole church prayed for us in tongues. As they were praying I felt a warming sensation in my coccyx. I knew God had healed me. I just knew. The Pastor asked if anyone had been healed and I was one of the ones who put my hand up to confirm that I had been healed.


That evening in bed I felt the same warming sensation in another part of my back where I had suffered a whiplash injury, when someone had run into the back of my car. I can quite honestly say that I have not suffered from back pain in those areas since that day. Very occasionally there has been a little niggle, but I have declared aloud, ‘I have been healed in the name of Jesus’ and the niggle has immediately gone.


So the next time someone offers to pray for you, why not let them. What have you got to lose?

2 thoughts on “I Was Healed By God

  1. Hi Sally, It has taken me some time to find the words for what I believe to be, the right way to comment.
    Firstly, this is not so much directed at your self, knowing you as I do I know it to be true but for someone else the result
    may be something very different. I have been to only one meeting where FAITH HEALING has taken place, although this
    was slightly different to that at which you were healed. In my experience the Pastor asked those who needed healing to form a line and he would move along the line asking each person their “trouble” and after praying into it placed his hand on the forehead of the applicant, Then he gave that PERSON a slight push and they fell backwards into the arms of someone
    standing behind. I have to say that I have always had my doubts about Healing “services” just think of the effect that
    a person may experience if healing did not happen.
    Secondly… Anyone should be sure that the person giving the healing is fully experienced and can be seen to be HOLY.
    Yes faith is essential first (before going forward)and( then TRUST) before falling back into the arms of……Jesus…

    I do know a relative who was healed of DVT at that meeting. However, another person fell back into the arms of” no one”, the result was that she hit the floor and was worse off than before.

    For me PRAYER alone will have the same HEALING effect, if it be the will of God

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